"Deity of Love"

My deity is a liar because when she gives me warning she wont love me,
she never stops.
My mom is a god , carved in a structure of an
angel who is always by my side .
A selfish queen she is,
as because for her happiness she showers extraneous love which I'm not even worth of it..
How her happiness is directly proportional to  length of my smile, I wonder..
Who says women are weak 
Meet my mom she will show how to 
build a house into home through her bruised pieces of soul
She's that missing part of puzzle 
without whom my life is incomplete..
Her sweat is mixed with the bricks of house to make it more stronger,
Her hunger has impregnated our stomach,
Nine months of walls of her womb was a confirmation letter of annex
She's a Feng Shui of my house ,
who brings luck in manifestation of blessings.
A magician she is 
who's smile takes away all my stress and worry..
As deep as Ocean..
As sensitive as a Baby..
Like a defensive wall who passes through my problem first 
A woman who works 24*7 without promising any retirement,
Her plenty of irritating calls which will probably stop only when I will be in grave right in front of her eyes..
Yes she's my mom,
And I proud of her.


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