One Last Meeting

Looking through your eyes,
I can see how time quickly flies,
And again my dead soul arises.
To free the hollow heart from paining,
I stood aloof, beside the fact scars were still remaining.
Holding so many words to speak,
I was retaining my tears to descend on my cheek.
My heartbeat was about to skip,
But no rather I should go with this dead relationship.

Like the air my head was feeling heavy,
And Sun was making me feel dizzy.
The way I was standing speechless,
That was just a part of my weakness.
Were you feeling same or are you a reckless?
In a minute you made me feel I’m just homeless.

I was standing like a person standing in middle of an ocean,
Sinking deep bottom into the water,
Trying to come above the surface,
Draining with the waves of past memory,
I lost all my control.
All I could see losing rope of faith but
I didn’t miss the chance of coming above for the last time and capture you in my eyes.
The moment I said bye, it started raining,
My hope of meeting you again begin to fading.
And the sun can never shine through all those days of endless waiting.
But don’t be frightened by thunder and lightning,
Because you’re so far and unable to notice my wailing.

Hallucinations of being together were popped,
Like blood-drops from my heart they dropped.
The weather enforced pain to ask me to pour,
But let my screams go silent in the clouds roar.

Once your presence used to glad my days.
You thief of love why have you come by night.
I was squashed between:
Have I really moved on?
Or my feelings for you are still left anymore?
If the feelings have gone, it’s time to move on.
If the feelings have torn, then I was right all along.

Where I used talk and share endless
This time my senses became speechless.
Why don’t you realize
You still able to make breathe seize.
Wounds that can’t be now heal
Feelings that no more I can seal
I wished I could save those goosebumps came up with your touch,
Somehow I could capture you in my eyes and get ready again to get hurt so much

I don’t want to get over you.
I don’t want to be that who is not in love with you.


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