Childhood disorder

In the era where people are fond of FRIENDS tv series
My youtube search history still shows Winnie-the-Pooh and mickey mouse
I cherish the friendship bond of oswald and Daisy
Daisy was a girl.. Oswald a male yet they always remained best friends and society didn't even question them
I don't watch game of thrones
Yet I'm astonished that Minnie and Mickey have a everlasting love
It seems endless
But for others it's far senseless
I wonder if Granny would have taught tweety what is all about growing up with the boys in Looney Tunes..
If one has to learn unity
Tom and jerry provides the best example
I prefer my enemy to be as Tom
So that whenever a stranger has entered i would be having somebody on my side
I'm stuck in the past where people are pacing up so quickly
And If it's a disorder I'm really enjoying it
I don't wanna grow up and have competition in a life's race..


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